About our Founder

Dan Goodstein,
Founder & President

Daniel  Goodstein has extensive experience within the Information technology, Sales & Marketing and Media arenas. Holding a  degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, Daniel is the President of multiple professional associations in the technology, software and AI space, as well as Founder & President of VistaTech Group, a consulting firm specializing in business, media & sales/marketing strategy. Additionally, Daniel currently holds several board positions and consulting roles including Head of Sales & Marketing, as well as senior technology advisor and manages strategies for both SMBs and global Fortune 500 companies alike.


Prior to these positions, Daniel spent nearly a decade in the local media and newspaper industry where he ran several community newspapers and websites on Long Island’s North Shore, managing relationships with key community groups, public relations contacts and government agencies, as well as supervising a large sales & production staff. 


Locally, Daniel is a co-founder of the North Shore Business Network, recently served on the Board of Directors for the Locust Valley Chamber of Commerce & the Long Island Film Festival and continues to advise local organizations on IT, media/marketing, and overall business strategies.