Enabling IT Companies to Do More & Sell More

Are you maximizing the revenue potential of your existing clients?

Are you set up to handle serious growth potential?

Are your services helping you stay competitive?



VistaTech has spent the last 10+ years perfecting the right combination of IT services to ensure that tech providers are offering cutting edge, scalable & profitable solutions to their clients. 


How We Help

Based on relationships and product suites we've built over the past decade, you can provide your clients with end-to-end solutions that are critical to keeping you competitive and enabling you to make more money from your existing customer-base alone.

  • Offer best-in-class services to your clients without the cost and aggravation of maintaining it

  • Generate additional revenue from your existing client-base

  • Stay competitive in offering solutions that your competitors cannot

  • Free up your IT staff to concentrate on high priority issues or clients without neglecting others

  • Scale your business up without the risk of overloading your team and getting spread too thin during busy times

Helpdesk Features
  • Offer your clients better service & response time: Unlimited, Instant, 24x7 support

  • Leverage our remote helpdesk to handle Level 1 basic issues that waste your time & kill your bandwidth so your senior techs can focus on more timely, critical issues

  • Extend your support hours and improve response time by having us handle all incoming calls or after-hour issues

  • Upgrade your support & upsell your clients with easily integrated add-ons like:

    • Anti-virus

    • Firewall

    • Back-up

    • Hosted E-mail

    • Cloud Servers

  • Includes ticketing system, NOC service, remote management tools, remote control access & security management for all your clients